Australian Bugs

Australia has produced some of the most interesting bug designs. Some bugs like the Simplex Auto operate at right angles like the Mecograph. The Pendograph has a vertical pendulum. And then there's the Automorse, one of the most complicated bugs around, that has 3 levers !

For more pictures and information about Australian bugs, please visit Ron McMullen's Australian Telegraph Office Pages.

(Click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the photo)


Simplex Auto

The Simplex Auto was a right angle bug made by Leo G. Cohen of Melbourne.


Simplex Auto Special Model

A very rare Simplex model previously only seen in advertisements until this one example surfaced recently.


The Automorse

Made by the Hitchcox Brothers of Adelaide around 1920. Visually the most impressive bug around, the Triple Lever Automorse had a lever for automatic dots, one for manual dashes, and a third to produce automatic dashes. It is quite a difficult key to master !



Made by MacDonald of Adelaide. Has an upright pendulum. Actually quite smooth to operate.


Unknown Bug--Possibly Pendograph

An unusual Australian bug with a frame and pendulum similar to the Pendograph, but on a horizontal axis. (Claudio Ruggieri, IZ0KRC Collection).



Made in the 1920's By Robley & Tough. A Double lever bug.


Triple Lever Simplex

A triple lever Simplex bug, not unlike the Automorse .


BMR Codemaster

The B.M.R. Codemaster Bug made by B.M.R. Products, New South Wales. Very similar looking to the Simplex Auto. (Claudio Ruggieri, IZ0KRC Collection).


Levenson Radio Bug


Buzza Bug Model 100

The Buzza Model 100 came in 2 versions. The version shown to the left has 2 pivot pins for the dot and dash portions of the lever. Another version uses a single pivot pin for the lever with another small pin through the lever for the dash lever to pivot.


A rare version of the Buzza Model 100 with Vibroplex Lightning Bug style damper assembly.


The Masterkey

The Masterkey Bug by HC Ingram, Perth Australia. Not sure when these were made. If you have any info, let me know.


Double Lever Masterkey

A very rare double lever version of the Masterkey.


The Hobart Autobug

The Hobart Autobug is a very small bug, made in Hobart, Tasmania. The key has fold-out legs that can be opened so the bug rests on a platform and gives the key more stability.