German Bugs

Here are some examples of some interesting German bugs.

(Click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the photo)


Novoplex (Late 1930's)

A very streamlined bug built on a bakelite base. This particular key came with a metal cover, which is rarely seen.


East German Novoplex

Technically not a Novoplex since it was not made by the same company. This key was made by Jablonsky post WW2


Felix Drescher

An East German bug, believed to be made in the 1970's. Nearly identical in design to the Vibroplex Lightning Bug. (Gil Schlehman, K9WDY Collection)


Hans Widmaier

Made in Munich (Gil Schlehman, K9WDY Collection)


Junker Bug

These bugs were made from around 1965 to 1972. Many were used by German police. Also nearly identical to the Vibroplex Lightning Bug. The key on the right has German police markings stamped on the side.


Unknown German Bug

This bug has no makers markings, but appears to be German. It has 2 holes in the base for a wiring plug, similar to the Novoplex bug. The knurling on the screws is similar to that found on some Telefunken spark keys. If you have any information about this key, please contact me.


Hannes Bauer

Hannes Bauer of Bamberg Germany made some neat bugs from the late 1950's into the 1960's. They are characterized by heavy cast bases, fine-pitched adjustment screws with large heads, and overall interesting designs. The models above are identified as follows:

Top Row, from Left to Right: Lector, Kurfuerst, and Konsul.

Bottom Row are 2 different versions of the "Rex" model.


Unknown German Bug

These German bugs have no maker's markings. Judging by the style of the lever, they may be made by the same company. Let me know if you know who made these keys.


Schurr Bug

(Claudio Ruggieri, IZ0KRC Collection)