The K4KEY Telegraph Key Collection

I have been collecting telegraph instruments for over 25 years. Here are some pictures of my collection for your enjoyment. Every instrument has been painstakingly restored to make them clean but still retain their original aged appearance whenever possible.

(Click links below to view. Click on each picture once to enlarge. Click again for original size)


Camelback Keys Spark Keys Phelps Football Register
Landline Instruments 1 Spark Keys Etc Cylindrical Box Relay
Landline Instruments 2 Cable & Landline Instruments Marconi Rockcrusher Key
Bugs & Spark Keys Landline & Dial Telegraph Burritt Register
Landline & Spark Keys Various 1 French Dial Telegraph
Landline & Spark Keys 2 Various 2 Call Boxes
Landline & Spark Keys 3 Various 3 Japanese Boxed Set
European Registers Various 4 Key Shelf 1
Williams & Caton Registers Various 5 Bugs Close-Up 1
Swedish KOB French Oilbreak Key Bugs Close-Up 2
Pocket Relays Harp Register Key Shelf 2
Landline Instruments 3 Norton Register Key Shelf 3
  Below are Keys Collected During My Stay in Kansas (2015-2020)  
Kansas 1 Kansas 2 Kansas 3




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