South American Keys

The majority of telegraph keys produced commercially in South America came from Argentina, and to a lesser extent, Brazil. The Swedish Company Ericsson was operating in Brazil since 1888; hence, some Brazilian keys appear to have Swedish designs.

(If you have pictures of any South American keys, especially from countries other than Argentina, I would love to see them)

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Rasco Industria Argentina   Pendolita Telegraph
Another Argentine Straight Key Marked "Industria Argentina" Close-Up of the Industria Argentina Name, Which is Stamped Upside Down Brazilian Army Key, Ca. 1914 (PY2VOB Collection)
Another View of the Brazilian Army Key. Note the Similarity to Swedish Key Designs Brazilian Key by ASON. Note the Similarity to Swedish Key Designs. ASON May Have Been Subsidiary of Ericsson Operating in Brazil. Close-Up of the ASON Name