Australian & New Zealand Keys

Below are pictures of telegraph keys from the land down under. Some of the early makers of telegraph keys in Australia include PMG which stands for Post Master General, as well as Levenson, Clipsal, Buzza, and AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australia). AWA also made some really nice spark keys.

*NOTE: To see pictures of Australian spark keys please visit my Spark Keys Page.

For more pictures and information about Australian telegraph instruments, please visit Ron Mc Mullen's Australian Telegraph Office.

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Early Australian Postal Key. Maker unknown. (Museum Victoria, Australia) PMG 2-Terminal Postal Key on Wood Base With Circuit Closer Australian Postal Key. Maker Unknown PMG Key on Bakelite Base With Circuit Closer
PMG 3-Terminal Key On Bakelite Base PMG Key Based on British WT8-Amp Design Close-up of Name Stamp Levenson #2 Key On Wood Base
Unknown Australian Key on Bakelite Base Unknown Miniature Australian Radio Key AWA Model R688B Manipulating Key Key & Buzzer Set. Maker Unknown
Clipsal 2-Terminal Key Buzza Model 60 Key & Buzzer Set Postal Key By Ward & Goldstone Blue Point Key & Buzzer Set
Australian Airforce Flameproof Key Inside the Airforce Flameproof Key Australian Type ZAA Military Key New Zealand Postal Key. Maker Unknown
New Zealand Postal Key By Potter & Co. PS-47007 New Zealand Air Force Key PS-5785 Flameproof Key For New Zealand Air Force (F9WT Collection) PS-5785 With the Cover Removed





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