Canadian Keys

Canada produced some very interesting straight keys, notably some exquisite camelback style keys. At first glance, one might think they date back to the dawn of telegraph but in fact they probably date to the 1860's & 1870's.

(Click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the photo)


A nice example of an early Canadian camelback key. Maker unknown, possibly Montreal Telegraph.



Another early camelback key, with legs intact.



An early Canadian straight lever key. Note the absence of a spring tension adjustment



Early straight lever key by Montreal Telegraph Co. (M.T. Co.)



A later version of a Canadian straight lever key. Has a spring tension adjustment. Marked G.T.R. (Grand Trunk Railway)



Step-lever key, marked G.N.W. (Great Northwest Telegraph Co)



Canadian postal key by Foster, Toronto.



Canadian camelback key by NW Telegraph Co.



Royal Canadian Air Force Key, type 10A/556



Canadian Navy Key



Canadian radio key by Grimmer-Wilson.