Dutch & Belgian Keys


Many of these Dutch keys are from the collection of Jan, PA3EGH. He has a great website featuring many unusual keys from the Netherlands as well as from other countries. A link to his website can be found here.

(Click on the pictures below to see larger versions of the photo)


Early Dutch Camelback Key Made by the Caminada Brothers, Italian Instrument Makers Who Emigrated to Holland (IZ0KRC Collection) Another View of the Caminada Camelback Close-up of Caminada Name Dutch Postal Key
Early Dutch PTT Key, Ca. 1867 Another Early Dutch PTT Key Dutch PTT Key, Ca. 1900 Dutch Camelback Key. Maker Unknown. (PA3EYM Collection)
A Later Key by Caminada, Rotterdam Dutch Double Current Key Gerard Belgian Postal Key. Uses Knife-Edge Pivot Like the American "Victor" Key. Dutch Postal Key Marked "Ridderhof & VanDijk, Zeist"
Dutch Army "Sinus" Key by Ridderhof & Van Dijk, Zeist. Ca. 1920 Close-Up of the "Sinus" Marking Another "Sinus" Key. The Lower Contact Strips are Elevated From the Base to Eliminate the Contact Noise A Later Key by "Sinus" -Ridderhof & Van Dijk
Dutch Key-Maker Unknown Another Dutch Key-Maker Unknown A Third Dutch Key-Maker Unknown A Fourth Dutch Key-Maker Unknown
Dutch Key Made by W. Zweverink Royal Netherlands Army Signal Corps Training Key Key Made by N.S.F. Nederlandsche Seintoestellen Fabriek (Dutch Signal Equipment Factory) N.S.F. Keys With the Covers Removed
Another N.S.F. Key One More N.S.F. Key N.S.F. Key With the Cover Removed Key Used by Dutch Coastal Station PCH
  Dutch Royal Air Force Key