Finnish Keys


Below is a collection of Finnish keys from collector Thomas Anderssen, OH6NT


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Finnish Defense Forces ("Puolustuslaitos") Key. Used With the Finnish Army Field Transceiver VRFK. WW2 Era. Inside the Puolustuslaitos Key Key for the Finnish Guerrilla radio "Kyynel". Ca. 1941 Inside the Kyynel Key.
Later Version of the Kyynel Key. Ca. 1943 Finnish Army "Lautkari" Key. Used During and After WW2 Another Finnish Defense Forces ("Puolustuslaitos") Key. Ca. 1950's Close-Up of the Puolustuslaitos Label
  Finnish KBX-102B Key Made by OH1KB Tapio Hirvikoski's Molding Company "TH-yhtym√§ Oy" in Pori, Which Closed in 2012 Close-Up of the KBX-102B Label