French Keys

Some examples of interesting French telegraph keys.

*NOTE: For pictures of French spark keys, please visit my Spark Keys Page.

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Very Early Key by Pierre Vinay Early French Postal Key by Breguet Leaf Spring Pivot Key by Ducretet Another View of the Ducretet Leaf Spring Key
Postal Key by Digney-Freres Another View of the Digney Key Ducretet Postal Key Another View of the Ducretet Key
Postal Key by Radiguet Different View of the Radiguet Key PH Lafeve Postal Key Different View of the Lafeve Key
French Practice Key With Odd Shaped Lever. Maker Unknown Different View of the Practice Key A Ducretet Postal Key of Different Design Need Information About This French Key
Unknown French Key Unknown Postal Style Key This Key Was Designed to Mount on a Wall. Likely Not for Telegraph Use WW1 Ducretet Military Key
A Folding Lever Key by Radiguet, Ca. 1914 Unknown French Postal Key Another Unknown French Postal Key Radiguet Folding Lever Key in the Field Set (F9WT Collection)
WW1 Field Set Key by Jardillier Another View of the Jardillier Key Small Folding Lever Key From the French ER-17 Transceiver Set, Ca. 1928 Close-Up of the ER-17 Front Panel Showing the Folding Key
Key Made by Pericaud, Ca. 1930s A Small Key by Pericaud Made for the 1936 Boy Scout Jamboree in Berlin The Boy Scout Key in Operation Showing its Small Size French Air Force Key by SARAM, Ca. 1939
Inside the SARAM Key French Air Force Key by SIF, (Societe Independante de TSF), Ca. 1946 Close-up of SIF Key The Series C Key by SIF
Inside the SIF Series C Key Another Key by SIF. Marked "SIF-654" Inside the Cover
Inside the SIF-654 Key Dyna Straight Lever Key, Ca. 1946
Dyna Marine Radio Key, Ca. 1947 Type MA-1 Key by Societe Aero Radio French key that has the appearance of a spark key, but was actually used by the radio telegraph service of a French railway company in the 1920s and 1930s. Underside of the French spark-like key
French Army Key by Jardillier, Ca. 1950 Inside View of the Jardillier Key Le Doublex Sideswiper, Ca. 1954 And Ad for the Doublex Sideswiper
Dyna Manitone Radio Key, Ca. 1955 French Army Special Forces Miniature Key by Jardillier, Ca. 1955 Jardillier Mini Key With the Cover Removed Dyna Maniflex Sideswiper
  French Key & Buzzer Set Another French Key & Buzzer Set  





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