Italian & Swiss Keys

Below are some nice examples of Italian & Swiss Keys.

*NOTE: To see pictures of Italian spark keys please visit my Spark Keys Page.

For more pictures and information about Italian telegraph instruments, please visit The IK6BAK Telegraph Key Collection. In addition to some great pictures of Italian telegraph instruments, Eliseo hosts a forum on key collecting on his website.

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A Very Early Italian Camelback Key by Carlo Dell'Acqua, Milano. Ca. 1848-1850 The Dell'Acqua Key Has a Wooden Lever and Base. Pivot Frame and Hardware are Brass Italian Postal Key By Forcieri. With Unique Circuit Closer Paddle Another View of the Forcieri Key
Early Italian Railway Key Italian Railway Key With Double Contacts (IK6BAK Collection) Italian Postal Key (IZ0KRC Collection) Postal Key By Gerosa
Swiss Postal Key. Note the Contact Dampers Postal Key By Arduino, Torino Swiss Postal Key By Hasler Another Swiss Postal Key. Marked General Director PTT
Italian Postal Key Italian Military Key, Office of Radio Telegraph For Military Italian Key With "Off R.T. Roma" Cast Into Lever Another View of the Tasto Roma Key
Italian Key With Wooden Lever and Frame Laboratorio Elettrotecnico "Amodeo", La Spezia Another View of the Amodeo Key Italian Key By Emilio Resti
Close-up of the Emiio Resti Nameplate Italian Radio Key by IRMT (IK6BAK Collection) Italian Radio Key Marked "MAM". Made in Milan. (I0KJX Collection) Swiss Multi-Contact Key By Hasler
Another View of the Hasler Key Hasler Key with Box For Multiple Connections

Nickel Plated Italian or Swiss Key

Italian Key By SEMCO, Ca. 1950
Italian Key on Bakelite Base By Aerotecnica Another Version of the Aerotecnica Key. Similar Design as the Forcieri Key Italian Radio Key By ADDA Massive Italian Radio Key By Emilio Caimi
Size Comparison of the Caimi Key With a Large Clapp-Eastham Spark Key Another Very Large Italian Radio Key by SAFAR Emiio Caimi Army Key Inside the Caimi Key. Note the Unusual Up-turned Lever
Italian Radio Key on Bakelite Base By Argea Close-up of Argea Name Italian Key By Terraneo, Milano Italian Military Key By Veam
Strap Key by Brevetto Argea. Ca. 1930's Side View of the Brevetto Argea Key Key Used by the Italian Military. Found in Ethiopia. Ca. 1930's Another View of the Italian Military Key
Italian Military Key By Stirer, Ca. 1930's Swiss Army Key by ZAG, Ca. 1940's Inside the ZAG Key Stirer Military Training Key
Italian Military Key ITalian Military Key By IRET (Industria Radio Telecomunicazioni Trieste) All-Metal Key Made by Cablo Radio. Ca. 1950 Top View of the Cablo Radio Key
The IRET Key With the Cover Open A Different Version of the IRET Key with a Nikola Tesla Name The Nikola Tesla Key With The Cover Open Nova Radio Key & Buzzer Set, Milano
  Fairly Recent Swiss Postal Style Key    





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