Light Signalling Keys

Light Signalling Keys were used to send messages between ships using a telegraph key and a powerful lamp. The British often referred to these keys as "Masthead Keys". Many of the British Masthead Keys had a rotating lever that allowed the operator to put the key in a constant-transmit mode. Some of the later keys had instructions warning the operator not to leave the key down for more than 2 minutes, as it could burn out the lamp.

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British Masthead Signal Light Key Another View of the Masthead Key Another Masthead Key. Note the Lever for Closing the Key One More British Masthead Key
Portable Signal Light Box Close-Up of the Key British Light Signalling Instructor Set Another View of the Instructor Set
Signal Light Key Mounted on Wooden Stand Another Signal Light Key on Wooden Stand Signal Light Key Made by Oceanic Close-Up of the Key
US Navy Signal Light Key in Waterproof Enclosure Signal Light Key Made by General Electric Signal Light Key in Heavy Enclosure View of the Key With the Lid Open
Another US Navy Light Signalling Key Light Signalling Key With Protective Lid Close-Up of the Key Russian Light Signalling Key





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