Russian & Eastern European Keys

Some examples of Russian and Eastern European telegraph keys.

(For East German keys, please visit the German Keys page)

(Click the thumbnails below to view a larger picture):


Early Russian Postal Key Close-up of Marking on Russian Key Bulgarian Postal Key Another Bulgarian Postal Key
Early Polish Key that Resembles a Swedish Design Unusual Russian Key With Multiple Switches. Application Unknown Another View of the Russian Key With Switches Third View of the Russian Key With Switches
Postal Key From Ukraine Another View of the Ukrainian Key Unknown Eastern European Key on Wood Base Russian Key on Wooden Base
Nameplate on Russian Key Soviet Military Key Inside of Key Showing Filtering Components Soviet Military Key WIth Cover
Key With Cover Open Another Soviet Key With Cover Russian KDM Sideswiper Key Soviet Army Key Type B12

Another Soviet Army Key

Czechoslovakian Military Key Inside the Czech Key Hungarian Army Key
Inside the Hungarian Key Key & Tape Reader From Russian R-350 Spy Set, With Stylus & Crank Handle The Slots On Top of the Key Can Quickly Send Morse Numbers Using the Attached Stylus Also, a Strip of 35mm Camera Film, Pre-Punched With Code, Can Be Fed Through the Key to Quickly Send a Message
Russian Open-Frame Key With Filter Capacitors Unknown Small Russian Key. Possibly from a Military Field Set Another View of the Russian Key Showing its Small Size Russian Army Key
Russian Key Marked "NIMIST" (In Cyrillic) Close-up of the "NIMIST" Name Russian Army Key in Tall Metal Box Inside the Tall Box Key
Russian Key on Plastic Base Soviet Cosmonaut Key Article About the Cosmonaut Key Inexpensive Radio Key on Plastic Base
Plastic Base Key With Marking on Base Close-Up of the Marking Wood Base Key With Maker's Label on Base Close-Up of the Label
Another Inexpensive Key on Wooden Base Wood Based Key With Russian Marking on Side Bulgarian Army Key Nameplate on Bulgarian Key
Bulgarian Military Key Enclosed in Metal Box Underside of the Bulgarian Military Key Russian Sideswiper Used With EKM-3B Electronic Keyer Mini Key Used By Russians & Other Eastern European Countries
Inside the Mini Key Bulgarian Key With Cyrillic Morse Code on Cover Inside the Bulgarian Key Yugoslav Army Type TS-3
Another View of the TS-3 Key Key for Mounting on the Edge of a Table Another View of the Russian Table-Mounted Key Inexpensive Plastic Base Key
Polish Radio Key Back Side of the Polish Key Soviet Radio Key on Acrylic Base Another View of the Acrylic Base Key
  Russian Amateur Key With Numerous Holes in the Lever    





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