Swedish & Norwegian Keys

Swedish keys are quite distinctive. Most are large keys with long levers and the contact at the rear of the key. At the same time, they are quite smooth to operate. The earliest keys were made by Oller in the 1880's. L.M. Ericsson was also a popular maker of telegraph instruments; not just keys, but also registers and sounders.

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Early Swedish Camelback Key by Sorenson, Stockholm Another View of the Sorenson Camelback Key Early Swedish Key by Oller & Co, Stockholm, Ca. 1880's Close-up of Oller Name
Another Key by Oller & Co. Oller Key Mounted on Marble Base Early Swedish Key by Kungliga Telegrafuerket, Ca. 1880's Early L.M. Ericsson Postal Key
Another Ericsson Postal Key Close-up of Ericsson Name Unusual Swedish Key With a Pair of Horizontal Keying Contacts. Possibly Made by Ericsson Close-up of the Keying Contacts
An Assortment of 3 Different Ericsson Keys Unknown Swedish or German Key Postal Key by AK Ihli, Kristiania. (Kristiania is the Old Name for Oslo, Norway Prior to 1910) Close-up of the Ihli Name
Postal Key by OF Johansen, Kristiania, Norway Close-up of the Johansen Name Swedish Postal Key by Lindholm-Wikstrom, Stockholm Close-up of Lindholm Name
Another Key by Lindholm-Wikstrom Nameplate on the Lindholm-Wikstrom Key Swedish Postal Key, Maker Unknown Long Lever Swedish Key With Leaf Spring Pivot. Maker Unknown
Leaf Spring Pivot Key Made by Stockholms Tygstation, Ca. 1941. Used by Swedish Women's Voluntary Defense Corps during WW2 (Thomas Anderssen, OH6NT) Norwegian Key by N. Jacobsen, Oslo Nickel Plated Swedish Key on Phenolic Base. Maker Unknown Nickel Plated Ericsson Style Key
Another View of the Ericsson Style Key Swedish Key Labeled "Svenska Aktiebolaget Trådlös Telegrafi, System Telefunken". A Variant of the German Type M99 "Klopfertaste" Key Close-up of Key Label Key Made by Erik Torngren, Stockholm
Close-up of the Torngren Name Unknown Swedish Key With Blue Base Similar Blue Based Key With the Emblem of the Swedish Telegraph Corps Close-Up of the Swedish Telegraph Corps Emblem
Swedish Military Key With Cover Key With Cover Removed Another Swedish Military Key With Cover. Marked "Mtrlnr" Key With Cover Removed
Swedish Military Key Key With Cover Removed Swedish Military Key, Type Tc15534. Used With the Ra200 Manpack Transmitter Waterproof Key by Svenska Aktiebolaget Telegrafi
Norwegian Sideswiper Key by S.A.S. Norwegian Key From the Ship "Jacara" Another View of the "Jacara" Key Close-up of S.A.S. Label
Radio Key by Elektrisk Bureau A/S, Oslo Another Norwegian Key by Elektrisk Bureau A/S Norwegian Commercial Shipping Key by NERA A/S Modern Swedish Key by Lennart Pettersson & Co., Hoverberg Sweden. Ca. 1980's
  Close-Up of the Lennart Pettersson Nameplate    





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