Pocket Relays & Small Portable Telegraph Sets

True pocket relays are small enough to fit into an operator's pocket, but there were also some really neat small boxed sets made that served the same purpose as a Pocket Relay but were not quite as small.

Below are some pictures of Pocket Relays and other small boxed sets. Click on each thumbnail to view the full size image:

Charles Williams Pocket Set, Ca. 1860 Close-up of the Tiny Key on the Williams Pocket Set Close-up of the Relay on the Williams Pocket Set Caton Instrument Shops, Ottawa Illinois, Ca. 1860's
Boxed Set by Thomas Hall, Boston. Ca. 1850's Inside The Hall Boxed Set Another View of the Interior of the Boxed Set Palmer & Hall Boxed Set. Ca. 1850's (w1tp.com)
Pocket Set by Charles Chester, NY. Ca. early 1860's Chester Pocket Set Removed From Case Another View of the Chester Pocket Set Another Charles Chester Pocket Set. Ca. 1860's
Early Pocket Set-Maker Unknown. Ca . 1860's Early LG Tillotson Pocket Set. Ca. 1860's L.G. Tillotson Pocket Set. Ca. 1870's Partrick & Carter Pocket Set. Ca. 1870
Partrick & Carter Pocket Set. Ca.1870 (Lynn Burlingame N7CFO Collection) ES Greeley Pocket Set. Ca. Late 1880's LG Tillotson Pocket Set. Ca. 1875 Partrick-Bunnell Pocket Set. Ca. 1875
ES Greeley Pocket Set. Ca. Late 1880's JH Bunnell Pocket Set. Ca. 1890 Western Electric Pocket Set. Ca. 1880 Miniature Pocket Set. Maker Unknown
Postal Telegraph Boxed Set. Ca. 1900 Postal Telegraph Set With The Door Open Western Electric Army Field Telegraph Set Western Electric Field Telegraph Set
Unknown Pocket Set Unknown Pocket Set. European Origin Unknown Pocket Set. Possible Homemade Boxed Telegraph-- Lettler, Munich Germany
A Small German Key & Relay Set in Box. Maker Unknown Inside the German Boxed Set The Unigraph. A British Pocket Set Made by Elliott Brothers, London The Unigraph With the Cover Removed
  Top Cover of the Unigraph    




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