Telegraph Ribbons & Pins

In 1880, a group called the Association of Old Time Telegraphers (O.T.T.) was formed, as a means to have a reunion of old telegraphers. The O.T.T. hosted annual conventions, at which the attendees received an ornate ribbon to wear during the event. At the most famous O.T.T. convention, in 1905, attendees were given a miniature fully-functional telegraph key in a cardboard box made by JH Bunnell.

Telegraph ribbons were also given out to active telegraphers who provided communication services at the Democratic & Republican National Conventions.

Below are some pictures of different telegraph ribbons and other pins that were given out during various conventions. Click on each thumbnail to view the full size image:

A Very Early Pre-OTT Telegrapher's Reunion Ribbon. Keuka Lake, NY. 1875 1886 Postal Telegraph Convention, St. Louis Close-up of the Emblem on the Center of the 1886 Postal Telegraph Ribbon 1882 Association of Railway Telegraph Superintendents
1894 OTT Reunion, Baltimore Reverse Side of the 1894 OTT Ribbon 1899 OTT Reunion, Boston Close-Up of the Emblem at the Bottom of the Ribbon
1900 Republican National Convention, Philadelphia Reverse Side of the 1900 Rep. Nat. Conv. Ribbon 1903 OTT Reunion, Milwaukee 1904 OTT Reunion, Atlanta
Back Side of the 1904 OTT Emblem Close-Up of the Front Side of the Emblem 1905 OTT Reunion, New York 1906 OTT Reunion, Washington DC
1908 Republican National Convention, Chicago 1909 OTT Reunion, Pittsburgh 1912 Republican National Convention, Chicago 1913 Order of Railroad Telegraphers Convention, Baltimore
1917 Order of Railroad Telegraphers Convention, Seattle 1920 Republican National Convention, Chicago Reverse Side of the 1920 Republican National Convention Ribbon 1924 Republican National Convention, Cleveland
1925 OTT Convention, New York Close-Up of the Emblems on the 1925 OTT Ribbons 1928 Republican National Convention, Kansas City 1932 Republican National Convention, Chicago
1936 Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia Close-Up of the Emblem on the 1936 Democratic National Convention Ribbon 1936 Republican National Convention, Cleveland 1948 Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia
Close-Up of the Upper Emblem on the 1948 Democratic National Convention Ribbon Close-Up of the Lower Emblem on the 1948 Democratic National Convention Ribbon 1948 Republican National Convention, Philadelphia  




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