French Spark Keys

The French made some very interesting spark keys. Many of the earlier keys were a type known as "Oil-Break Keys", where the keying contacts were inside a metal cup that was partially filled with oil. This prevented the keying spark from igniting flammable vapors that were commonly present on ships or airplanes.

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Massive Double Oil-Break Key by CGR (Carpentier Gaiffe et Rochefort). Ca. 1910 Size Comparison of CGR Key With Boston Navy Yard SE-68 Spark Key A different CGR Double Oil Cup Key Showing the Large Contacts Inside the Oil Cups The CGR Key as Part of a French 2.5kW Wireless Station
French Airplane Spark Key With Oil Cup by Ducretet & Roger Another View of the Ducretet Key A Different Version Ducretet Airplane Key With 2 Oil Cups Another View of the Double Oil Cup Key
CGR Oil Break Key With Single Oil Cup Type MG2 Spark Key With Cooling Fins by SFR (Societe Francaise Radioelectrique) Another View of the SFR Spark Key Showing Nameplate The SFR Model Nameplate
French Oil Break Key by STM (Societe des Telegraphes Multiplex) Another View of the STM Spark Key Close-up of the STM Name Stamp An SFR Oil Break Key
French Oil Break Key by Lagier ( Another View of the Lagier Key Unusual Oil Break Key, Maker Unknown, Possibly Homemade. (w2pm collection) Another View of the Oil Break Key
A CGR Non-Oil Break Key Another View of the CGR Key French Spark Key by Rouzet Another View of the Rouzet Key
French Wireless Key by Pericaud Another View of the Pericaud Key French Wireless Key by Dyna Another View of the Dyna Key
French Spark Key With Large Contacts on Bakelite Base, Maker Unknown Another View of the Bakelite Base Spark Key Unknown Spark Key With Large Contacts SFR Type MP3 Airplane Spark Key
French Wireless Key by MAES (Manufacture d'Appareillage Electrique Special) Unusual French Oil Break Key With Cast Lever, Maker Unknown ( Another View of the Oil Break Key Close-up of the Oil Cup
A Miniature Key Probably From a Field Set A Very Small Oil Break Key, Maker Unknown French Wireless Key by Jardillier. Part of a Field Telegraph Set Another View of the Jardillier Key
Radiguet & Massiot Type 4 Key From a Wireless Field Set French Wireless Key With Folding Lever. Maker Unknown French Airplane Wireless Key by SIF (Societe Independente de TSF) Close-up of the SIF Key Lever