Telegraph Postage Stamps


A surprisingly large number of countries made postage stamps that commemorated the telegraph. Below are examples of many of these stamps. How many countries do you recognize ?


Albania Armenia Ascension Island Australia
Australia Australia Australia Australia
Australia Australia Australia Australia
Austria Austria Azerbaijan Belarus
Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil
Bulgaria Burkina Faso Cambodia Cambodia
Cameroun Cayman Islands Central African Republic Spanish North African City States of Ceuta & Melilla
Chad Colombia Congo Croatia
Dahomey (Now Called Benin) Dahomey DDR-East Germany DDR-East Germany
Denmark Denmark Denmark Djibouti
Ecuador Finland France France
Gabon Gabon Germany Republic of Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Hungary Iceland India
India Indonesia Italy Jamaica
Jamaica Japan (The Top Line Says "International" in Japanese Morse) Japan South Korea
Macedonia Macedonia Madagascar  
Marshall Islands Monaco Morocco Nauru
Netherland Antilles New Zealand New Zealand Nicaragua
Niger Niger Norway Paraguay
Portugal Romania Russia Rwanda
Sao Tome E Principe Sao Tome E Principe Serbia Serbia-Montenegro
Spain Spain Spain St. Helena Island
St. Pierre & Miquelon Islands Sudan Suriname Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland Switzerland Syria
Thailand Tonga Tunisia Upper Volta (Now Called Burkina Faso)
USA USA 150th Anniversary of Telegraph Invention at Speedwell, NJ Vanuatu
Wallis & Futuna Islands Yemen Arab Republic (Notice They Spelled YAR Incorrectly in Morse) Yugoslavia Yugoslavia