Telegraph Toys

Quite a number of telegraph toys have been made over the years. Most are cheap battery-operated plastic sets that consist of a simple strap key along with a buzzer and/or blinker light. Connection wire is often included so the sets can be separated by a distance.

Surely these toys helped spur some kids' interest in Morse code which eventually led to an interest in amateur radio.

Below are some pictures of Telegraph Toys going back as early as the 1880's. If anyone has information about any of these toys, especially the year they were made, please drop me a line.

Many of these pictures came from the collections of Apostolos, SV1EDY, and Dave, N4MW. Thanks for letting me use your photos !

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Game of the Telegraph Boy. Ca. 1888 Close-up of the Game Telegraph Boy Game Board The Telegraph Game by Milton Bradley. Ca. 1902 Close-Up of One of the Toy Keys in The Telegraph Game
President of the Telegraph Company Board Game. Ca. 1911 Toy Town Telegraph Office by Parker Brothers. Ca. 1911 Close-up of the Toy Town Box Another View of the Toy Town Telegraph Office
Tiny Town Telegraph Office. A Set Very Similar to the Toy Town Telegraph Office, Made by JW Spear & Sons, London, in the 1920's Note the Similarity to the Toy Town Telegraph Office Set Original Version of The Tele-Set. Ca. 1915 B.G.L. Morse Telegraph Set, England. Ca. 1920's (N4MW Collection)
Ad Advertisement for The Dot-N-Dash Telegraph Set. Ca. 1933 ICA Triplex Tri-Signal Code Signal Set. Ca. 1930's (N4MW Collection) The Master Tri-Signal Set. Ca. 1930's (N4MW Collection) Another View of the Tri-Signal Set
French Toy Dial Telegraph Set Another View of the French Toy Dial Set A Different View of the Toy Dial Set French Toy Telegraph Set
Telegraph Set for Boys. Connecticut Telephone & Electric. Ca. Early 1930's One of the Individual Telegraph Sets Another Practice Key by Connecticut Telephone & Electric Underside of the Practice Key
The Tele-Set Made by AC Gilbert Co. Ca. 1935 Inside the Gilbert Tele-Set AC Gilbert Wireless Telegraph Outfit. Ca. 1930's Inside the Gilbert Wireless Telegraph Outfit
Fleron Signaler Set. Ca. 1930's (N4MW Collection) Fleron Boy Scout Signaler Set Funk-Trupp German Telegraph Set. Ca. 1933 Buzzer Code Practice Set. Maker Unknown. Ca. 1930's (N4MW Collection)
Ralston Cereals Tom Mix Straight Shooter Premium. Ca. 1938 Close-up of the Straight Shooter Key Postal Telegraph Signal Set from Ralston Cereals Signal Electric R-70 "Wireless" Practice Set. Ca. 1941
Close-up of the R-70 Practice Set Geobra German Telegraph Set. Ca. 1940's The Individual Geobra Units German M5 Telegraph Key & Register Set
Another Geobra Telegraph Toy Close-Up of the Geobra Unit Elkay Manufacturing Co. Tri-Signal Telegraph Set. Ca. 1940's Inside the Tri-Signal Telegraph Set
Standard Radio-Telegraph Signal Set by Strauss Mechanical Toy Co. Ca. 1940's Close-up of One of the Strauss Keys Sets Western Union Telegraph Signal Set by SB Mfg. Co. Ca. 1948 Side View of One of the Western Union Key Sets
Top View of the Pair of Western Union Key Sets A Slightly Later Version of the Western Union Telegraph Set Brumberger Codemaster Telegraph Signal Set. Ca. 1950's View of the Codemaster Key Sets
Morse Code Twin Set by Buzza Products, Australia. Ca. 1950's Morse Telegraph Set by Buzza Products, Australia Close-Up of One of the Morse Units The "Doodle Bug" by Buzza Products, Australia. Ca. 1950's
Morse Amateur Set, Germany. Ca. 1950's Inside the German Morse Amateur Set Space Station Morse Code Set, Hong Kong. Ca. 1950's The 2 Space Station Morse Code Keying Sets
Close-up of One of the Key Sets Merit Morse Signalling Outfit, England. Ca. 1950's (N4MW Collection) Nabisco Rin-Tin-Tin Cereal Premium Telegraph Keys. Came in 5 Colors. Ca. 1956 Rin-Tin-Tin Cereal Premiums Were Found in Boxes of Nabisco Rice Honeys
Telegraph Single Unit Signal Set by Aurora Models. Ca. 1957 Close-up of the Key Unit Twin Telegraph Set by Aurora Models. Ca. 1959 View Inside the Twin Telegraph Set
Baravelli Signal Operator's Set, Hong Kong. Ca. 1960's Another Signal Operator's Set by Laurie Toys, England. (N4MW Collection) Japanese Code Practice Buzzer Set by Philmore. Many Different Companies Made Identical Sets. Ca. 1960's (N4MW Collection) Another Japanese Code Practice Buzzer Set by Sato Parts Co. Ca. 1960's (N4MW Collection)
The Key-Municator Telegraph Set by Dow Key Co. Ca. Early 1960's Matsudaya Mobile Communication Toy Set, Japan. Ca. 1960's The Back Side of the Matsudaya Set Advertisement for Electric SOS Telegraph Set, Sold by Mail. Ca. 1966. (N4MW Collection)
Close-Up of the Electric SOS Telegraph Set Wilson Wireless Practice Set, Junior Model, Canada. Ca. 1960's. (N4MW Collection) Multimoteur French Telegraph Set. Ca. 1960's Close-up of the Multimoteur Set.
Instructions in French on How to Use the Multimoteur Chad Valley Morse Signaller, England Pocket Heliograph Signalling Set. British Indoor Pastimes, Ltd. (N4MW Collection) Contents of the Pocket Heliograph Set
Close-up of Part of the Heliograph Heathkit Code Practice Set (N4MW Collection) Army Signal Corps Electronic Telegraph Printer Close-up of the Army Signal Corps Set
Wilson Wireless Set Inside the Wilson Wireless Set Keds Sneakers Miniature Telegraph Toy Close-up of the Tiny Key Inside the Keds Toy
Eagle Products 2-Station Code Kit, Japan. (N4MW Collection) Daveco Telegraph Set, Japan. (N4MW Collection) Official Boy Scout Signal Training Set. (N4MW Collection) Unknown Maker Toy Telegraph Set
E-Z-Code Junior by Aerovox. (N4MW Collection) Elastolin Morse Telegraph Army Toy Set, Germany Close-up of the Elastolin Telegraph Toy Another View of the Elastolin Telegraph Toy
German Key & Buzzer Set Tech Telegraph Toy. Ca. 1972 Toy Radio-Telegraph Set by Remco Close-up Showing the Small Telegraph Key
Mattel Big Jim Telegraph Toy, 1973 MUK Electro Morse-Hobby, Germany Inside the MUK Electro Set Telegraph Accessory for GI Joe Action Figure
Close-up of the GI Joe Key Navy Blinker Code Lights Czechoslovakian Toy Telegraph Set. Ca. 1985 Label on the Box of the Czech Telegraph Set
Close-up of One of the Czech Key Sets East German Telegraph Toy Set by ESG Another View of the ESG Set Russian Toy Telegraph Printer
Russian Toy Telegraph Set Close-up of One of the Russian Key Units Contents of the Toy Russian Telegraph Set Another Russian Toy Telegraph Set
Close-up of the 2 Key Units Another Russian Toy Set Russian Toy Key & Register Set Close-up of the Register
Another Version of the Russian Toy Key & Register Set Close-up of the Register Small Toy Russian Telegraph Set Russian Toy Key by Rotallieta
Rotalleita Box Hasbro "Action Team" Toy Telegraph. A German Version of GI Joe Another View of the Action Team Telegraph Pfiffikus Morse Telegraph Set, Germany
Close-up of the Pfiffikus Morse Receiver Close-up of the Pfiffikus Telegraph Key Technokits Telegraph Practice Set Airgam Morse Telegraph Toy, Spain. (N4MW Collection)
Unknown Toy Register Morse-Hobby Telegraph Set, Germany Inside the Morse-Hobby Set Lionel Morse Set
Close-up of the Lionel Components Science Cube Telegraph Kit Secret Codes Telegraph Set. (N4MW Collection) Flights of Fancy Telegraph Instruction Set
Close-up of the Flights of Fancy Set Ein-O Toy Morse Code Set Other Side of the Ein-O Set Creative Playthings Telegraph Set
Close-up of the Creative Playthings Set See-N-Key Toy. Produces Morse Code Sounds Spikenzie Labs Telegraph Decoder Russian Key & Buzzer




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